GBC-HpVac is a privately owned company founded in 2016.

GBC-HpVac is focused on the development of GBC-R1 as a preventive and therapeutic first-line therapy against asthma and related allergic diseases, as well as inflammatory bowel conditions such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. 

GBC-HpVac holds an exclusive, world-wide licence from the University of Zurich. 


Robert Slooves

Robert Slooves, Msc
Chairman of the Board
Chief Business Officer at GBC SA
Christine Serratrice

Dr. Christine Serratrice
Chief Medical Officer at GBC SA
Jeffrey Shaw

Dr. Jeffrey Shaw
Member of the Board
Chief Executive Officer at GBC SA
Silvia Hansel

Silvia Hansel
Member of the Board
Chief Operating Officer at GBC SA
Jacques Billy

Jacques Billy, Msc
Member of the Board
Chief Financial Officer at GBC SA