Current R&D situation


Having successfully concluded a seed round with private investors, GBC-HpVac has entered the lead validation phase.



    Results expected

    Production of recombinant molecule and variant(s)

    Quantities to cover validation phase


    January 2019

    Bioequivalence study in animal model and dose response

    Experiments completed report ongoing

    Q4 2019

    Pharmacokinetic study

    Completed September 2019

    In-depth study on mechanism of action, UZH


    Q2 2020

    Lead validation

    Positive preliminary results

    Q4 2019


    Production of recombinant molecule and variant(s)

    Status: Completed

    Quantities cover validation and preclinical studies

    Status: January 2019

    Bioequivalence study in animal models and dose response 

    Status: April 2019

    Results expected: June 2019

    Pharmacokinetics study

    Status: selection of CRO

    Results expected: Q2 2019

    Postdoc study on mechanism of action, UZH

    Status: April 2019

    Results expected: Q3 2019


    GBCHpVac has secured exclusive, worldwide commercialization rights to GBC-R1 from the University of Zurich.

    Intellectual property

    In a first phase, GBC SA has financed the patenting of GBC-R1. See also WO2015/114575 and WO2015/144576.


    In the course of her studies on gastric cancer, Prof. Dr. Anne Müller and her team have confirmed that GBC-R1 has a tolerogenic effect sufficient to confer protection against several inflammatory or allergic diseases.

    Anne Muller